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Keukenhof gardens

Keukenhof is the most famous, beautiful and largest flower park in the world with a total of 800 varieties of tulips and luckily, it is very close to Amsterdam. Keukenhof is located in the town of Lisse, which is about halfway between Amsterdam and the Hague. Unique in the world, each spring this famous park attracts over a million visitors every year from 100 countries abroad. Growing 4.2 million bulbs a year, the Netherlands is the world’s largest producer of tulip bulbs. Half of which are exported. If you want to see the Dutch tulip fields in bloom, you should visit Holland in April or May. Keukenhof is known to be one of the most photographed sites in the world.

The Keukenhof gardens are directly opposite a building known as ‘Keukenhof Castle’, which was built in 1642. Keukenhof was originally a place for hunting in the 1400s. The first flower exhibition was organized by the mayor of Lisse in 1949. The idea was to present a flower exhibit where growers from all over the Netherlands and Europe could demonstrate and share their plant hybrids, which will help the Dutch export industry. And eventually it made the Netherlands the world’s largest exporter of flowers.

Keukenhof is home to more than 7 millions flower bulbs which are supplied, for free, by 100 bulb growers. If you can imagine this amount of flowers you should realize how big it is. With 32 hectares and 15 kilometres of footpaths, this beautiful spring park offers flower shows, themed gardens, artworks, restaurants, boat trips and fun activities for children. Gardens and four pavilions show a fantastic collection of: tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, orchids, roses, carnations, irises, lilies and many other flowers. The spectacle of colors, species and perfumes is truly amazing and overwhelming. 

Every year Keukonhof presents a new theme for their gardens, so it makes your experience truly unique. At your trip to Keukenhof you have an opportunity to see the flower shows, experience the current theme pavilion and delight in the statues dotted around the park. The kids can go on a treasure hunt or explore the playground, petting zoo or hedge maze. Leave some time to explore the surrounding area with its fields of flowers by hiring a bike,  take a 100% electric GPS tour and join the fun by taking a boat cruise. Be ready to take great photos as free wifi is available throughout the entire park. 

Keukenhof Garden even sells out different samplers of different tulips that you can purchase and try growing in your hometown or country.Most all of the blooming flowers are marked with the name and grower, so if you fall in love with one particular hybrid, write it down and find the grower’s kiosk or tent.

Each autumn, the gardeners plant the bulbs, by hand, in a completely new design. It takes about 3 months. The bulbs are selected to bloom throughout the eight-week opening period. In addition to the tulip gardens, Keukenhof also hosts a Japanese garden, an English landscape garden, a spring meadow, a natural garden, a historic garden, a garden maze, and seven inspiration gardens that are different each year. Although known for tulips, Keukenhof is home to the world’s largest lily show, during the last ten days of the opening season.

Keukenhof Garden events last only from March to May each year. During these 3 months more than 1 million people visit Keukenhof and it’s beautiful tulip fields. In summer, the garden of Keukenhof Castle is filled with 150 different types of flowering dahlias. At the end of August, this is celebrated with the Keukenhof Dahlia Days, where all kinds of activities can be experienced. Until mid-October, the dahlias provide an overwhelming display of color in the park.

Opening hours:

In 2024 Keukenhof is open daily until the 12th of May 2024 from 08.00 – 19.30.

How to get there?

You can travel quickly and comfortably to Keukenhof by public transport. First travel to one of the departure locations and from there take the Keukenhof Express bus . You can easily plan your trip in advance with the 9292 travel planner opposite. You will then immediately receive travel advice from your departure address.

Keukenhof entrance ticket + bus trip

In April and May you can once again discover the colourful and fragrant world of flowers at Keukenhof in the Netherlands. Make sure you do not miss out on this amazing experience, decide whether you want to include a guided tour, pick your departure time and book your Keukenhof – Amsterdam transport and entry ticket as soon as you can.

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Best time to visit Keukenhof

The crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths and early tulips flower at the start of the season. Other flowers bloom later in the season such as the (larger) tulips. Our pavilions feature entrancing flower shows from the first to the last day of the season. Click here for the latest flower report.
Want to enjoy the peace and quiet of Keukenhof? It is less busy before 10.30 and after 16:00. The light of the morning and evening sun allows you to take wonderful photographs. It is also less busy on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday than on the other days of the week.