De Wallen, Amsterdam: “The Red Light District”

The famous “Red Light District” in Amsterdam is located in the oldest part of the city. It has existed since the 14th century and in that time, the harbour was close-by. That’s the reason immigrants lived there and also part of how prostitution started – sailors were coming to this part of the city to enjoy themselves. Since October 2000, window prostitution has been a legal profession and nowadays you can find lots of attractions in this area, from more than three hundred rooms rented by the sexual workers, to sex shops, shows, bars, museums and coffee shops. The area has a friendly atmosphere and it is considered one of the safest places in the city!

If you feel the curiosity to explore this part of Amsterdam, you can do it during day time to visit some of the museums or walk around the canals. You can also enjoy the beautiful gothic architecture of monuments such as the “Oude Kerk” (Old Church) and the way that typical Dutch buildings lean in weird angles!

Looking for a spicier adventure? Then we recommend you visit the area at night! Around 23:00 is when the streets become more crowded, and the district starts coming to life. The party mood lasts until around 2:00 – 03:00 am when shops start to close and the crowd will slowly disperse.

Believe it or not, there are some rules to be followed, though! Like the prohibition of photographing women and the rooms. Pay attention to this rule as the workers can be aggressive if they catch you taking photos. It is also forbidden to drink alcohol or urinate in public spaces, and you can get fined if you do not follow these rules. 

There are also signs asking the visitors to keep the noise down in certain areas, as this part of the city is also the home of lots of locals.

Lastly, watch out for pick-pocketers as this area is often very crowded, and ignore street dealers, whether they approach you for drugs, bikes, or anything else.

If you feel hungry during your adventure in the Red Light District, there are several food options available, from a variety of fast food chains and sweets, to eat in or to take away as you walk around the streets, to eccentric dining spots with live music or theatre.

The Red Light District is located a short walking distance from the hotel, as you can see on the map below. If you wish to have the full experience, you can rent a bike and enjoy a ride through the streets of Amsterdam, Dutch style!

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