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Viral food & snacks in Amsterdam

Amsterdam undeniably has so many culinary wonders to offer and on this list you’ll not only find recommendations for places loved by tourists, but also locals! Get accustomed to the Dutch culture by indulging your taste buds into some of the most representative Amsterdam foods! In this list you will also find spots that have went viral on social media, which we hope you will enjoy! Eet smakelijk, as the Dutch would say!

  1. Saint Jean – arguably the most famous Amsterdam bakery, especially for the Pistachio cruffins, which you can find from 11 AM onwards. Prepare to wait, the queues are usually significant, especially during weekends, but it is worth it! Also, all their products are plant-based! 30 minutes walking from the hotel and one way to get there is along the beautiful Prinsengracht canal. In the area there is also Noordermarkt, which is open on Saturdays and Monday mornings, and filled with locals, Dutch people love market day!
  2. Stroopwafel in Albert Cuypstraat – enjoy the most traditional Dutch desert at the best place in town, owner is very friendly, makes the stroopwafels on the spot so you can enjoy it while it is still warm + it is in the middle of the liveliest street in Amsterdam, the famous Albert Cuypstraat market (in the De Pijp neighborhood). Keep in mind they are very sweet, so it might be best to share. 20 minutes walking from the hotel.
  3. Van Wonderen Stroopwafel – another famous stroopwafel spot, you can choose from an endless list of toppings for this traditional Dutch treat. Warm and gooey! You can find it on Kalverstraat (the most well-known shopping street in Amsterdam). The queues are significantly larger than for the nr. 2 on this list since tourists do not normally know about the former. Counterpoint, you can reach it very easily from the hotel, only seven minutes walking. Keep in mind they are very sweet, so it might be best to share.
  4. Fabel Friet – a favorite amongst tourists and in the middle of the famous Nine Streets (the Amsterdam canals wonderland, flooded with boutique fashion and home design stores, restaurants etc.). Salted to perfection, crispy and with delicious toppings. You can enjoy them whilst sitting near the beautiful canals! 15 minutes walking from the hotel.
  5. CHUN – they serve amazing brioche toast sandwiches and boba teas! In the middle of the Nine Streets as well! Went viral on social media. 15 minutes walking from the hotel.
  6. Apple Pie at Winkel 45 – famous Amsterdam treat and a favorite amongst locals, with a thick crust, lots of whipped cream, with huge apple chunks, yet not too sweet, and comes in a big portion! 30 minutes walking from the hotel but the way there is gorgeous, along the iconic Herengracht canal! It is in the middle of Noordermarkt (see nr. 1).
  7. Van der Linde – enjoy delicious ice cream mixed with whipped cream whilst on a shopping spree. There is only one flavor available, long queues, but, again, totally worth it! They only accept cash. 18 minutes walking from the hotel, best to go there if you plan to have a sweet treat at the end of a shopping day, since one way to get there is to go through the entire shopping street in Amsterdam (from the hotel, walk along the Kalverstraat, pass through Dam, and at the end of the Nieuwendijk street you will find the spot).
  8. Van Stapele Koekmakerij – ah, the most well-known cookies in Amsterdam! If the queues would not be that long, I would have one every day! Go early, since oftentimes they close way before the official closing time since they get sold out. They also have incredibly beautiful packaging and would make a great gift from Amsterdam! They give you instructions on how to reheat them, since cold they’re not as good. 10 minutes walking from the hotel.
  9. Frens Haringhandel – if you want to try one of the Dutchiest treats, this is a must! It is raw herring. Very close to the hotel, only 9 minutes walking.
  10. Bitterballen – you can find them at almost every Dutch bar (search for brown café/bar on Google maps and you’ll find one at almost every corner). This, along with nr. 9, are the most traditional salty Dutch snacks there are! Must try! Crispy, fried, and best savored along with a cold beer on the side, the Dutch way! Vegetarian version also available.