Second-hand shops

Amsterdam is one of the best cities for second-hand shopping. Here you will find unique items for an affordable price. From shops selling really organized and handpicked collections, to flea markets where you have to dig deep and find the unique product. If you are planning to visit Amsterdam make sure you will visit the best second hand spots to find the best deals. If you want to make an addition to your wardrobe with some more authentic vintage pieces then you’re bound to find something cool in here:

The Machine Vintage

The first vintage shop in Amsterdam, has been operating since 1969. This tiny second-hand shop close to the Red Light District is full of vintage clothing that is fascinating and reasonably priced. The Time Machine Vintage is the perfect place to find a jewel you’re going to end up wearing for years to come. You can end up leaving with a bag full of gifts for yourself, from silk blouses, leather bags to exclusive hats, printed dresses and vintage denim jackets.

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Episode is a popular chain of second-hand shops throughout Amsterdam found in different locations in the city including the 9 Streets, Waterlooplein and Spiegelstraat. These shops offer high-quality vintage clothing including footwear too. Head to the one on Waterlooplein market to see the biggest of them which is only five minutes away from the hotel.

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Although it may seem small from the outside, shoppers will find one of Amsterdam ‘s largest second-hand stores once inside Zipper, with two cavernous floors full of vintage items, separated by a mezzanine level dedicated to accessories. In response to current trends, the store updates its collections constantly and updates its stock according to the season.

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Kiloshop Waterlooplein

You will find Kilo Shop at De Pijp, as well as at Waterlooplein. This vintage clothing shop weights products instead of marking products with price tags in order to evaluate their worth. By weighing them on multiple scales distributed across the shop, customers can also check the prices of certain products. You will find a huge collection of knitted sweaters, denim and vintage leather jackets etc. High-end, branded clothing stashed among Kiloshop ‘s goods, including pieces made by Levi or Ralph Lauren!

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Mood Indigo

There is always an impressive range of high-end denim pieces in this two-level shop on Damstraat, including Levi 501s, Western shirts and jean jackets. Although every second-hand shop in Amsterdam sells pre-loved jeans, when it comes to denim, Mood Indigo goes the extra mile and stocks several pieces that look almost brand new. Such retro classics that only look better with age are also offered by Mood Indigo, including leather jackets, printed tees and overalls. 

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De Ij-Hallen

For any thrifter, De Ij Hallen is a must visit. With hundreds of stalls where you can find anything from clothes to furniture, to toys and bikes, it is one of the biggest flea markets in Europe. Take your time, get there if you want to get the best finds as early as possible; wear comfortable clothing, you’re going to walk for a long time!

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